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Paul Nandzik

Utility Stunt Performer Reel | Action Choreographer Reel (coming soon!)

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Founder of Steel Legion Stunts, Paul has been working as a stunt professional since 2011, graduated from the United Stuntmen's Association's International Stunt School in 2016, and is an active member of the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild.

When Paul isn't training or working, he's being chased by his dog, shooting zombies in the head, and dreaming of androids.


Action choreography and coordination, acting and stunt doubling, falls and aerials, martial arts and Western brawling (boxing, karate, systema, tae kwon do), precision driving, safety, familiarity with tactical training (military/law enforcement), weapons fighting (firearms, found weapons, sticks, knives, rapier, sword and shield, etc.), and wire work.

Paul also has basic proficiency in the Russian language.



Zac Taylor

Utility Stunt Performer Reel

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Born in Wheeling, West Virginia, Zac has been training in Taekown-Do since he was 10 under and with many renowned Masters and Grandmasters. Zac is a sixth degree black belt, international instructor, national and international champion, world competitor, and class A umpire. He has been a member of team USA multiple times and an official at world championships. In 2016, he opened his own school, Taylor Taekwon-Do Academy, which has attracted many black belts, though he loves training and developing students of all levels. He is also a founding member of ITF HQ-USA, where he is the Ohio State Representative.

Zac has had the opportunity to combine his love for acting, martial arts, and charity through cosplay. He has performed stunts on award-winning productions such as Unclean Hands and The Three Chocolatiers: The Cotton Tail of Revenge, both of which won Best Fight Choreography at the 48-Hour Film Project in 2016.


Martial arts and Western brawling (world class Tae Kwon Do expert), acting and stunt doubling, falls, and safety.



Katie Maloney

Utility Stunt Performer Reel (coming soon!)



From the moment Katie smeared peanut butter all over her best friend's little brother's face while filming a cooking show when she was nine years old, she knew that she wanted to be involved in film. Since then Katie's earned a Bachelor's degree in both Digital Film Production and Communications, and learned that there's a little more to film development than just covering hungry siblings in sandwich fillings.

With a background in acting, editing, sketch comedy writing, CrossFit and self defense, Katie has excitedly thrown herself into the world of stunt work.


Martial arts and Western brawling (self-defense instructor), acting and stunt doubling, and safety.