Steel Legion Stunts offers a variety of utility stunt services and specialties, and continually strives to expand as well as deepen our skills.


Action Choreography and Coordination

We know how to design action to suit the script/director's vision while still preserving the philosophy that all action must be motivated and must also serve the plot.  We are also proponents of pre-visualization as a component of designing action, which allows the stunt professionals some creative license in designing different options for the action, and allowing the director to pick and choose what she/he likes best.  Pre-viz is especially helpful for more complex action scenes, and ultimately provides an opportunity for the production to save time and money in the long run, and to come away with higher quality production value.

Part of coordinating action also means directing action scenes, casting stunt professionals, including stunt doubles, and determining a reasonable budget as well as rehearsal schedule as the head of the Stunt Department.


Acting and Stunt Doubling

Although stunt professionals are highly trained specialists in their own right, they are also actors.  While well-designed choreography is important, stunt performers must still act and, ultimately, emote – always through body language, but also through dialogue, including speaking in foreign languages as well as in various accents and dialects.

Doubling for an actor is an extra challenge as the stunt double in question must mimic the movements and mannerisms of the actor, including how they walk, gesticulate, shift their weight, and so on.


Falls and Aerials

Including footfalls, pratfalls, high falls, stair falls, wrecks, air ram, and mini-tramp.


Martial Arts and Western Brawling

Whether you want something elegant and beautiful, something gritty and brutal, or anywhere in between, Steel Legion Stunts draws from a wealth of experience in the martial world, including Systema, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Tai Chi, and so on.


Precision Driving

Including slides, stops, chases, and slaloms – all forward as well as reverse.



Safety is a major concern for us at Steel Legion Stunts.  Injuries (or worse) ultimately slow down production, incur additional costs (lost days, medical bills, legal fees), and can cause doubts in investors and diminish cast and crew morale.  We take every reasonable and professional precaution for every project that we work on, including utilizing crash mats, pads, and other professional equipment, in addition to regular training as well as project-specific rehearsals.

Our team also has experience working as stunt safeties and on fire safety teams.  While members may also be certified in CPR, AED, First Aid, or other medical competencies, we always prefer to have a qualified medic on set, and are happy to refer productions to trusted medical specialists if arrangements have not already been made.


Tactical and Martial Knowledge / Training

Militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world share common strategies, operations, and tactics.  While many standards have remained the same or largely unchanged, such as assault, ambush, recon, and utilizing height and cover, technology and culture certainly have an impact on accepted methods and practices.  While this usually translates to things like trigger discipline, quickdraw techniques and the like, understanding the underlying social conditioning, situational logistics, and available weaponry that are appropriate for the character(s) and setting can be critical to both performing as well as designing action that maintains the ever-crucial suspension of disbelief that films rely on.


Weapons Fighting

Fighting with weapons such as pistols, rifles, knives, swords and shields, spears, clubs, axes, etc.  Found weapons such as glass bottles, chairs, rolled up newspaper, jackets, flashlights, and so on are also included here.


Wire Work

Working in the harness (for wires / ratchet), and on the pull team.