As high performance athletes, and passionate and highly trained professionals, we specialize in tackling dangerous or potentially dangerous scenes while making the action look good for camera.  Furthermore, performing a stunt for camera is demanding enough, but our training and dedication prepares us to safely learn and execute stunts multiple times with consistent accuracy and intensity, whether a simple gag or a complex sequence of choreography.

Our team of stunt professionals offers services for action choreography and coordination, utility stunt performance, and stunt training and rehearsals for cast members.

We maintain, individually as well as a group as a whole:

  • Excellent physical fitness and commitment to staying very fit and maintaining quick reactions
  • Interest and ability in several sports / outdoor pursuits
  • Good communication and social skills, including solid teamwork
  • Willingness to work in dangerous situations while remaining calm under the pressure
  • A high degree of responsibility as well as health and safety awareness
  • Good planning skills and attention to detail
  • Acting ability